Migrate other wallets to Erium

Migrate other wallets to Erium

Erium has “Restore” option which allows to import other wallets into Erium. Here is the procedure:

The steps are as follows:

1. Open your wallet and click on manage wallets.

2. Click on the option "Restore" that you will see at the bottom.

3. After you do so, you will be asked to enter your 12-24 words mnemonic and a passphrase that should be known to you.

4. Under 12-24 words mnemonic you have to write the exact 12-24 words in the same order with a space given in the text box. Copy the format as shown in the picture.

5. Write your paraphrase and tap "Next"

6. Once the authentication of your credentials is successfully done you then proceed to choose the cryptocurrency coins.

7. For every selected coin switch the button on the right side of the coin to green which makes it selected.

8. then click on the top right tick mark now you have successfully restored your wallet. You can now see the funds again in the balance as you had before you lost it.

NOTE: Always when you make your wallet note done your mnemonic and a passphrase on a safe place at the time of reference. Such safety measures help in restoring the lost wallet and recover your funds in it.

Note: After you restore your wallet backup up your wallet again and note down your mnemonics and passwords.

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