Back up your wallet

1. Open your wallet and tap on the topmost drop-down button which represents the name of your wallet.

2. After you click you will notice a red colour warning sign after the name of your wallet.

3. Tap on the rightmost corner of your wallet name. Specifically which seems like standing 3 dots.

4. Now you can see an option called "Backup Phrase" with a red colour warning sign. Tap on it and proceed further.

5. To initiate the backup process tap on the "Backup" option at the bottom.

6. This will open a new page where you will see 12-24 words "mnemonic" words arranged in order and a "passphrase" that is known to you.

7. Take a screenshot of the page because that mnemonics in that particular order will be used for restoring your wallet in the future. After that click "backup"

8. On the next page you will be asked to enter a random number of mnemonics e.g. 11. and 9. Enter the recovery phrase in the correct order to confirm.

9. Enter your passphrase and click on the top right corner of the tick. Your backup will be made.

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