Send and Receive tokens

Send and Receive tokens

1. Open the app, where you can see all your selected coins in the wallet.

2. Scroll down and select one which you would like to send to your recipient by tapping onto it.

3. After that you will see the second option called "Send", which you will tap as well to proceed with the process.

4. Next screen will ask you to enter the amount of coin(s) you wish to send to the recipient. As you will enter the coins of a specific token down you would see the total amount of dollars that your transaction will be worth which we then deduct from your Erium balance.

5. Your next step will be to carefully enter the Address or Domain of your recipient in the address bar at the bottom.

6. In this step, you could either copy and paste the address with the option on the sharp left or you can click over the "-" icon which will open the QR scanner and you can scan the Qr code of your recipient.

7. Click "Next" then it will ask for your credentials to authenticate the user.

8. Once the authentication ends you will get the confirmation on the screen.

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